Company Overview

Ajial in Kuwait has become synonymous with elegance, luxury and attention to detail in the real estate business. With over 15 years of a strong, customer-focused approach and the continuous quest for world-class quality, Ajial has been able to attain and sustain leadership in all major commercial lines of business.

Ajial has a strong commitment to projects which are managed by some of the world’s most professional pool of executers continuously creating and challenging the latest and best in the field of construction and design in Kuwait.

Our core activities and services do not only include development of landmark buildings but also extend to purchase, rentals and sale of commercial buildings as well as land. Ajial is listed on the Kuwait Stock Exchange with a current paid up capital of 17.64 million Kuwaiti Dinars.

In sync with Kuwait’s rapid growth, Ajial is capitalizing on emerging market opportunities to deliver high-end facilities and projects to a wide base of customers by continuously upgrading our internal skills and resource capabilities.

We understand that a high degree of skill and management control is required to meet expected customer satisfaction, therefore, Ajial took the decision to establish one associate and one subsidiary to ensure in-house resources and expertise are used efficiently and effectively to manage these projects. This enabled us to micro manage our facilities, have better control over the project, leverage our costs and integrate our individual business units to cohesively contribute.

Associate Company

Subsidiary Company

Ajial Mall is considered one of the key projects executed by Ajial. It is built on a 6,000 square meter plot with a total built up area of approximately 24,000 square meters and includes retail, food & beverage offerings, cinemas and offices.  Ajial Mall was completed and fully rented in 2003.

Al Hamra project completed in 2012, is located in the heart of the city and is the tallest skyscraper in Kuwait towering at 414 meters.  Al Hamra offers the largest office space in the country as well as a one of a kind luxury shopping center which transcends the experience of luxury shopping to a whole new level. Al Hamra is considered a monument to architectural and an engineering innovation.  

Al Andalus project, will be built on a 10,356.5 square meter plot located on Beirut street in Hawally, Kuwait. It will consist of a retail shopping mall, cinemas, offices, a hotel, as well as a multi-story car park built on an additional 8,500 square meter plot.

Ajial’s management and board members developed a comprehensive understanding with reference to the real estate and entertainment sector’s demands and desires, especially when referring to the GCC markets in general and Kuwait in specific.

As a result, today, Ajial is a name to be reckoned with and shall continue to make enormous strides in creating world class architecture with the latest available technology and innovation.